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This is an old man life story or life journey if you want to call it so.

 We believe that it is the duty of any human being to try to improve what we have received during our lives, we have to do our part and try to pass our acquired knowledge to future generations, so that the world could and would become a better place. 
Having said that I believe that in this case I can contribute by writing my own life story, and then my  religious theory that might be able to solve some future religious issues that the world is facing today, and we will have also articles of public interest in other fields. What we are writing here has also been published in Hub Pages, here are the links for this story:    An old man life story,       A man life journey

  These are Frank Menchise writing works, they talk about the duty of any man, and this can be religious or otherwise, but, a man has got to do what is right for humanity all the time, so, we are going to show you where you can find all what we have written about this duty and other issues, of course most of these writing works will be published here in these domains and it's sub-domains. 

 Our life journey starts when we are born and it continues until we become old and die. But whatever happens to us during our lives it is our own life story, so everyone of us has a story to tell, I have also my own story to tell and this is my life story.

An old man life story

Introduction to: An old man life story

Let me tell you a story and transport you to another place and to another time, at the time when I was a kid and my grandma would tell me a story just to keep me happy and go to bed and sleep.

Ho my god! What did I say? Tell you fairy tales that the elders of my time were telling me when I was a kid; no, sorry my dear readers I have made a mistake and I apologize, I should have known better and told you what I am really going to do; I am going to tell you the story of my own life. I know that now you are thinking, what is wrong with me why should I tell you the story of my whole life? Well it is just because I cannot tell you a fairy tale, because today people don’t believe anymore in fairies of fairy tales, and really, I don’t remember most of the tales that I have been told when I was young, so I could not tell you much of a story; therefore I am going to tell you the story of my life, because that is the only story that I know better than anybody else.

Now that I have decided to tell you my whole life story, starting with this article called, (An old man story), which is going to be also the name of my story writings, I have also to say that there are other issues that have prompt to write my life story, the main issues are written here under.

Firstly, I would like to tell you dear readers that I would like to use this story of my life to compare the ways of living between today and the old time ways; I believe that in order to tell a story and make sense to the listener or readers there should also be a purpose for it, so, if we compare this old life story to today ways of living, then it may make this story more interesting.

So, now I wonder what it would be like if one could go back in time like in time travel fictions, how nowadays ways of living would have affected the older generations. You see, in the old days time seemed to stand still and very little changes would happen, and if anything did happen it would happen very slowly, whereas today everything changes very fast and what is new today, in a few days may be said to be old. I hope you see what I mean?

Secondly, I am going to tell you about why I feel that I have to write this story, and why I believe I have to write it. You see, I feel that every human being has a story to tell, and anyone of us could tell our own story if we attach enough importance to the story that we want to tell. So, to me it happens that I believe that by telling you my life story, not only I become satisfied that I have written my own life story, but I would also feel that I am doing humanity a good service, because something can be learned from my life story. I believe that it is the life duty of any man to try to improve anything if one can, so, let me explain the way I feel about what could or would be the duty of any man.

Welcome to my website 

My name is Frank Menchise

and we are going to write in this website an old man life story, being my real life story


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 I believe that it is the duty of any human being to try to improve what we have received during our lives, we have to do our part and try to pass our acquired knowledge to future generations, so that the world could become a better place. 

Having said that I believe that in this case I could contribute by writing my own life story, and then my religious theory that might be able to solve some of those  religious issues that the world is facing today, and if we are not able to solve those religious issues of today then our effort could be used in the future, and we will also write articles of public interest in other fields 

Welcome to my website and to my own life story, since everyone of us has a story to tell. For this reason I have decided to tell you my story as explained here with.   


Let me first of all say to you, welcome to my website dear readers!

I am welcoming you with open arms so to speak since those who read my articles are going to be my friends. So I feel already that I have a bond with you dear readers, and that is the reason why I am welcoming you to my website with open arms.

You see, you are all welcome here to my website to enjoy anything that you find in it my interesting, and perhaps also what is not going to be very interesting to you, but might have some interesting things for other people. Anyhow you are also invited to comment on my website.

Why I have opened this website and the reason I am writing in it. You see, I have a few friends and a cousin that are telling me all about their activities in Hub Pages, at this point of time they are writing about religions, which is an interesting subject to contribute, with all beliefs and not beliefs, here is their first hub link; RECONCILIATION FORUM, 1 if you would like to check it out, of course this is their hub even though I have discussed these religious issues with them many times. Anyhow I don’t want to go the same way, so I have read a few hubs here and there and I believe that I can contribute something to this site by writing my own hubs, and perhaps be able to earn a few dollars also if I am lucky; I am saying this because I have in mind to write and publish several hubs that will deal in general subjects, but at the same time just to have more to say I am going to start telling you the story of my life, which would be the most important side of my hubs for a while when I have not any important thing to say, I want to do this because I think that in could be interesting to know somebody life happenings anyhow; you see, I am an old man now and I find that the way we are living today is very different from the ways life was when I was young, so I feel sometime that I want to tell the younger generation a story beginning with, when I was young; perhaps here I have to add that I am just like my older relatives who sometimes want to tell me their story starting with the words, when I was young. Anyhow I believe that today the difference in life style could be interesting to the public in general, in order to compare what sort of improvement we have had in the last three quarters of the last century. Well this is just one way of seeing it, because I believe that there could be many other ways to use the life story of an old man, which is indeed going to be the story of my own life.

I suppose that you my dear readers still want to know a bit more about me before you start reading my life story, so, I am going to tell you this: you see as I said, I have some of my friends and also my cousin Frank already writing their hubs in Hub Pages, they have asked me to join them but I am not interested, as I believe that they want to use me to their advantage, so I have decided to surprise them when they see my first Hub published. So, Hub Pages, my cousin and his friends here I come with my own life story to start with. 

 This is my life story plus

Welcome to my website, where at this moment we are going to tell you a story, which happens to be: An old man story and it is the story of my own life, or should I say my life story and my laments, since my life story at the beginning is not a happy one, anyhow you are invited to read my life story articles here-under

Hello to you all; I have to say that we all live our lives the best way we can, and we all wonder at those things that happen to us during our lives, but once we have lived those life happenings they seems only a dream, they are like some sort of distant memories so to speak, but nevertheless it is our life and my life that we are talking about here and your own life is a story that can be told, if there is anybody willing to listen to your story, because as you know everybody of us has a story to tell, at least we can talk about our own life story.

So, let me tell you my life story, I don’t remember exactly how it all started this idea of writing my own life story, perhaps I have written it down somewhere else before but I don’t remember now the reason why. As you know there are many people these days that write their own life story; so, I would like to tell you my own life story for many reasons, and also to prove to myself that everyone of us as a story to tell, whether my story might not be as great as somebody else story it does not matter much, I am saying this because I have had a rather hard life when I was young and therefore I am going to lament about my life. So I guess that not many people enjoy reading or listening to sad story, but anyhow this is one of the reasons why I have called this article: My life story and laments.

I would like to tell you my life story because; it makes me remember all the memories and experiences that have shaped my life, so let me tell you my own special life story, where I am going to tell you who I am, where have I been where I am now and how I got here, the reason why I am now writing my own life story. You see, I am writing this hoping that one day my family and friends might read my story and understand a bit more about me.

So as I have said, I have decided to tell you my own life story, because now that I am in my early sixties, and therefore I am in the later part of my life span, so I really should have known everything about life and nothing should have surprised me, but life has surprised me. Therefore I have to say again that although I am an old man now and therefore experienced with life and what life can throw at all of us and sometimes it can be rather bad; one of my latest experience has made me feel so inadequate and frustrated lately, for not being able to reach out and make happen, what I wanted so desperately to happen. And this is one of the reasons, or perhaps the most important reason, why I have started to write my own life story here and also go public and post it in blogger and other public sites. Anyhow, I have also to say that I have felt so many other times before that feeling of being inadequate during my life, which I believe it has been all because; I was put in a disadvantaged position when I was young, and for that reason I was not able to better myself to a satisfactory standard then, which otherwise I would have been able to achieve if I had the chance, so, these are my laments in this life story and laments.
For these lost chances I can’t blame anybody, and I can’t even blame my mother for putting me in such disadvantaged position, because she was forced from disastrous and tragic events beyond her control. So I have come to the conclusion that I can only blame Fate, because it struck a terrible blow to our family when I was very young.
Therefore, if in my younger years I had been in a position to go to school at least for a few more years, or perhaps as long as my capacity to learn was used to the maximum; Then I could have learned whatever they teach at school, and at the same time as I would have been in a social environment, and so, I would have been able to improve my social and communication skills while I were at school, those skills which are so important to communicate with the rest of the community nowadays.
Therefore, if I had acquired those social skills then, I would have been accepted socially easily, and I would have felt happier with myself, instead of feeling sometimes left out from the main stream, concerned and isolated.
You see; if I would have had a chance to learn more at school, then I would have learned more when I was young, and from that extra education I could have been more successful later on in my life, because I could have used my acquired knowledge, and those social skills which I never had the chance to learn then. And therefore, I could have ripped more and better rewards from within this society that we are living in today, which seems to me that it is more and more demanding in these social aspect. You see, those social skills that I have been talking about must be learned when one is young, so that they may and will become part of one self and therefore you can use them to your advantage during your lives, to learn those skills later on in life as I have done is still helpful, but not as helpful as when one is young. I hope you see what I mean. But perhaps we have our own destiny and it cannot be changed, so we have to accept our own destiny I suppose, as we have no way to change it.

 Perhaps we have our own destiny

Looking at my life that I have already lived, I may have to say that there might be something called a destiny, so one might be born to live a certain way of life, or perhaps our destiny is already written in God’s book of our own life and in a way we are forced to live our lives, which is going to be influenced by some life events that are behind your control. I don’t know really what to think about this, but somehow I believe that there is a sort of destiny and perhaps we have our own destiny.

Anyhow, dear readers as I have already said in the previous articles, I have come to blame my fate for most of my life short comings and pains. Because I believe that when I was born, I was born with a good chance to live a better life than I have lived; but it was not to be that way, perhaps it was my destiny. So, dear readers if you happen to read most of my life story, you may very well ask. Why is it that I am telling you only sad stories? Is it possible that in my whole life, I had so many sad happenings and not many happy ones?
Well I should say here that I have had a few happy happenings, but if I had to tell you about my happy happenings they would be so few and very boring indeed, and nobody could or would be interested to hear them anyhow.
So, I would like to talk now first of all, about those happenings that have affected my life in such a way that one could say that they have made me struggle during my life, as I have already said in my last article, My life story plus which you can read soon.
Okay I know dear readers that you might be thinking that it is meaningless to write down all this useless stuff, as nobody might be willing to read it or get any benefit from it: But I am thinking that if my writings survive in a hidden corner just for a generation or two, and even if my writings are written poorly, as my English writing skills are not the best at the present time, because English is not my mother tongue. But I believe that in several years when time passes away, then whoever would be reading my writings will find them more interesting, because life was so different in the old days that I lived, as I have started to live my life long before the great changes of nowadays.
And if what I am writing is going to be useless anyhow, I will do it just for practice, so that I would be able to improve my English language and also my writing skills. So that I could feel more confident within my own self when I write, and therefore I would not feel to be in such a hopeless and desperate position; like that time when something happened to me at a certain stage of my life, but because at that time I was not learned enough, I felt that I was not able to cope with it properly, and because I wasn’t able to cope with that matter in my case became also very painful, because of what I wanted to reach and do but I wasn’t able to, here I am talking about a matter that was and indeed is a very delicate matter of personal nature.
I would have liked to tell you about my helpless and desperate feelings, but I don’t know how just for now, so, I will write them later on including what was it that caused me so much distress; But this distress has also made me come to a decision, which is that I have to improve myself in my lacking writing skills.

So, now although I am getting old, I am going to try very hard if I can improve myself, so that, my improvements may still help me in my later years to reach where I have failed now.
Therefore by writing my own life story, I will also help myself to improve my English and my communication skills, which after all they are the art of being able to write or to say, the right words at the right time with the right meanings; since saying meaningful and skilful phrases is just like when one writes them down.
So please, allow me to write a few things that I have gone through during my own life, even if they might be boring so to speak, because, I would like to write them down; so that I could show you how hard life can sometimes be to any of us, but as you know this story applies particularly to me and I would like to tell you, because during my life so many things have changed since I was a child. Of course things will still keep changing nowadays and in the future, and very likely even faster than before, but now because we know of the coming changes we are able to accept them more easily than before, and therefore they will not seem that bad to us anyhow, because at least we believe that we know where we are going.

Anyhow I believe that I have said enough in this article, but I am going to come back to tell you more about my life story, in my next chapter. 

  A man life journey


A simple man life journey being part of, An old man life story.

Hello my readers, let me welcome you to my hub called, A man life journey, you are all invited to read my hubs and to browse as long as you like. In the hope that we would be able to entertain you somehow, by writing my own life story just the way that I have lived it; I hope that I would be able to write my life story clear enough, that you would be able to see clear enough how life was when I was young, because there is a great difference between then and now, here I should add that this is very important to note for comparison sake, if one would like to note between now and then, anyhow let me start my life story.    

This is my life story, which I would say that it is the story of a simple man life journey, now, I would like to point out that this hub is only the beginning of my old man life story and there will be several hubs about it; for this reason I am asking myself which is the best way to write my life story, so that I could interest you to take a trip in the past and you could accompany me happily in my long life journey story?

You see, I would like to tell you my own life story for many reasons; because today I can say that I have reached a certain age that makes me an old man so to speak, so I wonder what could I show you about my own life that would make my life story interesting enough to read. Of course I could tell you easily about what my life is like today, which I can say that is not that exciting at all, because of some unfortunate happenings and illness in the family that seems to worry me so much these days; you see, to tell you the truth I am sorry to say that I happen to live with family members that are sick and require lots of attention, because this is not what you readers would like to hear, since telling sad story would only bring sadness to who hears the story; so, it would be better to go back to tell you my life story from the beginning just as it happened in the past with some happy and some not so happy happenings, I suppose it might be better for everybody, if I tell my life story this way.

Now, even though in my life story I have to say that I was struggling most times during my early life, so, it might not be a very happy story to hear for entertainment sake, at the same time I hope that my whole life story could or would be more interesting to hear, if the story that I am going to tell you now has already happened in the past, because even if there are sad stories being told, now that they are passed, they do not seem so sad any more.

Dear readers, while you are reading my life story try to compare the ways of living of those days with the ways we live our lives today, because this would be one of the reasons that I am writing my life story; you see today when I see things done from the younger generation that do not agree with my views, sometimes I would like to tell them the ways that things were done when I was young, therefore, I would start by saying when I was young; these things were not done this way and keep telling them what we did then. I hope you see what I mean. Now let me tell you the story of my life.

On the left is an aerial photo of Genxano di Lucania the town where I come from and where I was borne and lived when I was young. On the right is the church of Maria SS delle Grazie, where I was baptized; this is the church of the Madonna as described in the Madonna story.   

 The story of my life

So, now let me start telling you my life story, I was born in the thirties that means that, I was born before World War 2, 1939- 1945, I was born in a rural town of southern Italy, my family had a small farm and owned some farm land around the farm, but this farm land that we owned was not enough to earn a living, so we (my family) would also work the land of large land owners who would let us use their land for a price that had to be paid usually with an agreed amount of produce each year, that was normal practise in those days.

In order to understand how things were then in the farms, and here I am talking before and also during World war 2, I need to tell you this; to earn a living in those days was very hard, it was much harder than today, not only for us farmers who were then thought to be in a better position of the rest of the town community, because we were producing something useful for the rest of the community especially in war time when food was hard to come by, we could always find something to eat from the fields, so the rest of the town were influenced by us farmers, so if we were doing well the rest of the town would be doing well too, I hope I have made my point here.

Now I need to point out that there was no much money going around in those days and a lot of times we had to exchange produce or things to make ends meet. So, let me tell you a couple of examples how things were done in those days; for example if it happened that we needed a blacksmith to sharpen the tools during the year to work the fields, we would pay the blacksmith with an agreed amount of wheat, since wheat was our main crop and also most people needed wheat to make their own bread during the year, so this was a two ways solution. Since there was no much money around even the barbers used to be paid in wheat or some other produce from the farmers. Of course there was some money to do other general smaller services or things, but all those services that would last usually for years were done by these agreement of so much work in exchange of so much produce.

I know dear readers that what I have said might seem ridiculous today, but this is how life was in those old days. So, I wonder how you the younger generation would feel to live in the old days that I have described above, and be a farmer youth working in the farm from a very tender age as I did. Here I would like to call on you my readers to compare what I have said above to today living and let me know if you feel like making a comment.

Since this hub is supposed to be mainly about my own life story, now let me go back to talk about myself and my position in my family. As you might know most Italians are religious and most of them are Roman Catholic and so was also my family including myself, so I was born and baptized in a Roman Catholic Church just like everybody else in town, and this is how my life stared. I know that this is only the start of my life that I have told you in this hub and I have a lot more to say, but unfortunately some of my life stories have been already published in blogger, therefore I cannot repeat them here because it will be duplicate content. So I say this to you, if you would like to know what I am talking about, you may have to read some of my blogs these are the links, http://menfranco.blogspot.com http://manneedsgod.blogspot.com,

Of course in this blogs there are many posts and pages, but what I am talking about here is the post called, My life struggles, which could be different from my next hub, my life my struggles. You know I would like to tell you so many things and I will do that when I work out what I can publish here as I go on writing. See you soon.

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