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An old man life story

 An old man life story 


 Welcome to our webpage; 

In this website we will discuss first of all what the duty of any human being is, then we will write about an old man life story and then we will introduce our other websites about religions.


Let me first of all say to you, welcome to my articles my dear readers!

I am welcoming you with open arms so to speak since those who read my articles are going to be all my friends. So I feel already that I have a bond with you my dear readers, and that is the reason why I am welcoming you to read my articles with open arms.

You see, you are all welcome here to our articles to enjoy anything that you find in our articles interesting, and perhaps also what is not going to be very interesting to you, but might have some interesting things for other people. Anyhow you are also invited to comment on our articles, in the hope that by knowing what you would like to hear from us, we could be able to reply and have a friendly discussion with you, and at the same time be able to improve our articles, based on your feedback. So don’t be shy let us hear what you want in the hope that we could serve you better.

Now that I have welcomed you to our writings, let me say why I am writing my first article; You see, I have a few friends and a cousin that have in mind to write and publish several article on the internet, this gave me the idea to write something myself. 

I am an old man now and I find that the way we are living today is very different from the ways life was when I was young, so I feel sometime that I want to tell the younger generation a story beginning with, when I was young; perhaps here I have to add that I am just like my older relatives who sometimes want to tell me their story starting with the words, when I was young. Anyhow I believe that the difference in life style could be interesting to the public in general, in order to compare what sort of improvement we have had in the last three quarters of the last century. Well this is just one way of seeing it, because I believe that there could be many other ways to use the life story of an old man, which is indeed going to be the story of my own life.


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 The duty of any human being    

So let us start from the beginning to figure out what is the duty of any human being. So let us look at our lives first and by using what we have been thought in a general way, let us try to understand what could be said about us human beings. In a general way we have reasons to believe that when a man (or woman) is born, they receive their gift of life from Mother Nature in conjunction with God or whatever one believes there is that makes life on earth possible. Of course all this would be achieved through and from their own parents as we all know, because this is the only way for life to continue indefinitely. 
For life to evolve and become better, it is important that we all do our best, so we should be very careful what we do; therefore, this gift of life that we have received from God, Mother Nature or whatever we believe our lives come from, we have to be very careful during our lives and we should endeavour to guard our lives dearly with all our inner will and physical strength, because our lives is a very special gift that we have received from God, or perhaps Mother Nature or whatever you believe your life came from.

I suppose that every one of us have our own ways of seeing this gift of life in different ways, but for those who believe in God have an extra special meaning, since God is the life giver of all existing life on earth. Therefore, the life duty of a man even in the eyes of God is that a man must try to live his own life well, or at least as good as his parents have done before him, and if he can he must try to improve the standard of life he has received. Now if there are any improvement that he has made during his life, they should be passed on to his children, so that the next coming generation that will come through him and from him will have a better standard of life that he has had during his life, since he has been able to improve that standard of life that he has received himself, so let any man come forward and say what he has to say about his beliefs or improvements of life that he has achieved, because after all this would be the duty of any human being.

Now that I have described above what I think the life duty of any man could or would be, and of course believing every word that I have said above, there could be no way that I could or would avoid to do my duty for the improvement of future generations. Of course this is if I want to feel that my life has been worthwhile living and I have done something worthwhile during my life; otherwise I will feel that life has passed me by and I have not done anything important, or contributed anything at all for the improvement of future generations.

Therefore now that I have said what the life duty of any man is, I have to start thinking what I could and should do, in order to achieve my own goal, so that I can do my own duty as a man and contribute my share, and by doing that I could improve what I have received from life and what I have learned during my own life. In order to do that I believe that I need to make a record of my life experiences, and then perhaps I should try to see which way they can be used. 

 How can we use our life experiences?

I believe that one of the best ways to achieve that is that I could write my own life story, and I would have to write also my religious beliefs, since I am sure that I have my own way of believing in God and religions, so this is just another reason for writing, an old man life story and my religious beliefs. I am going to do it and then publish them in Hub Pages and in this website, I need also to write most of my life observation down and any other life experiences in such a way that they could be understood and would make sense to whosoever might read them.

I know already that some of my life observation could be felt a bit strange sometimes, especially those observations that have something to do with my psychological way of imaginary love life and other things, therefore I am warning my readers not to give too much weight to those observation whenever they come across and read them. I know also that some of my other life experiences and my life observations that I am going to write here or later on might seem a bit strange to some reader; but what can I do if life sometimes is a bit strange? I can do nothing about it, except to tell you the way it is and the way that I see it.

Anyhow, if I have to do my duty in order to improve what I have received from life, therefore I am going to tell you my own life experiences to start with, even if they are going to be boring and seem strange at times, as I am sure that they are going to seem strange, so much so that one would think that they may be like a metamorphose. But, because a man has got to do what a man has got to do I am going and wanting to do it anyhow; so may God help me achieve that!

Anyhow now, let me go back to my resolve that I am/was going to write in this webpage and my hubs, which is about, An old man life story, to start with.

Now I believe that I might have said enough in this article, which is about the duty of any living man, therefore I will be starting to tell my story of an old man life story in my next article that perhaps I could call, A simple man life journey. See you soon my dear readers!

 Some other personal writings

I suppose that you my dear readers still want to know a bit more about me, so, I am going to tell you this: you see as I said, I have some of my friends and also my cousin Frank already writing their hubs in Hub Pages, they have asked me to join them but I am not interested, as I believe that they want to use me to their advantage, so I have decided to surprise them when they see my first Hub published. So, Hub Pages, my cousin and his friends here I come!

Here I want also to tell you that I am also on Face book and I am contributing by writing some posts in blogger with my friends, one of these general blog is called Menfranco general blog at this address; http://menfranco.blogspot.com I also follow and contribute in groups of public forum.

Anyhow, I believe that when my friends see my first hub they will think that I have gone crazy, just because they wanted me to help them, and now in a way I am competing with them; they will also be thinking that I am dreaming an impossible dream when they see my first hub, and they will thing that I will not be able to fulfil what I am now promising you my dear readers, but I say that only time will tell if I am going to be able to do what I am promising to do in hub pages.

Anyhow I believe that I will be able to do what I have to do, because a man has got to do what a man has got to do? It is only a matter of making up your mind and then you try hard enough to succeed. I hope you understand me my dear readers, as I am sure that some of you might have been in a similar situation during your life.

Now that I have welcomed you and written my brief introduction about what I would like to write in my Hub Pages; this opening hub comes to an end and all I have to do is to say to you my dear readers what I will be writing in my next hub; I think that it is only appropriate that I shall start by telling you about the story of my life, since it may become the main theme in my Hub Pages in the beginning, and then will see how we go. So I say, see you next time my dear readers, you are all welcome.

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